"The Bigger Purpose" 
Dr. Alain explains his Laptop Lifestyle Mentor WHY!
May 2015
"Two years ago - I almost lost my life...
but instead I discovered a completely new possibility!" 
Dr. Ed Osburn - The Laptop Lifestyle Mentor
Two years ago, I made a RADICALLY clear decision: 

I was going to crack the code on how I could impact unlimited people globally, provide life-changing financial security for my family... without ever having to step into my Wellness practice (I dreamed of the VIRTUAL practice!). 

Like other health professionals I had a message, a passion, a purpose to serve others--and let's be REAL--I became chronically ill and could no longer practice one on one with patients. 
It sucked...and while I lost my health, I also lost my identity 
(as a Wellness Professional) and my ability to provide for my family.

I felt so STRESSED out!

I am not kidding--I was losing my hair.

I loved being a health professional. 
I loved working with patients. 

However, I needed my TIME and QUALITY of life back--and to free myself from the new patient hustle and HIGH overhead of my brick and mortar business. 
"Out of survival and necessity I created a million-dollar online business...and now I am guiding Wellness Professionals 
to do the same!"
Today - 2017
What I discovered was the most profitable, fun, incredible, and FREEING business that I could have ever dreamed of (and yes...all self-taught!). 

I stopped trading TIME for MONEY and started delivering online digital products/services, profitable recurring monthly memberships programs, and high level mentoring-consulting. 

My illness and struggle exposed a massive GAP in my practice--the ability for people to access my knowledge VIRTUALLY. I started impacting people around the globe!

I realized that it is impossible to ever get ahead when you are the catalyzing agent in your Wellness business (if you are not there...the cash flow stops!). 
Dr. Melissa Longo
 I started working with Ed because I wanted to increase my impact both within my practice and in the online world , knew I didn’t want to do it alone and that there were expertise I didn’t have. Ed has helped me find my voice, provided objective feedback, helped evaluate my progress and continues to offer support as I chart my own path. As a practicing chiropractor, Ed understands and respects my commitment to my practice first, and helps me set realistic goals because of it. I Know he's in my corner, will tell it like it is, and he's a fun guy to work with! Since I started working with him, 1 podcast has turned into 2, and I've started to build a coaching program for other moms in practice. And I'm loving it. Another amazing bonus has been being part of this community, meeting and creating collaborations with other amazing docs. I believe what sets us apart as Chiropractors is our philosophy that the body is self-healing, self regulating, and needs the right internal environment to thrive. Helping docs expand their reach outside their practices helps spread this message, and has the potential to impact people's lives in a powerful way.
Ask yourself these vital questions:
  •  Am I trading TIME for MONEY in my business?
  •  Am I essentially a high paid employee in my Wellness practice?
  •  Can I scale my business and make money while I sleep?
Dr. Kevin Christie, DC
 I have a unique chiropractic business with many moving parts, but {Dr. Ed} has been the one coach I have worked with who guides me with clarity of strategy and no-nonsense advice to get to the next level and tie them all together. Whether you are looking to produce in the Chiropractic field, or other business ventures, you will get the results you need and will take your thinking to a higher realm. {Dr. Ed} does this not only with his strategy skill set, but also with his vast network that believes wholeheartedly in him and his tribe.
The Academy
  • Access to The Laptop Lifestyle Mentor Academy & Group
    (Lifetime access)

  • Voxer App support for questions and limiting belief resolve (priceless)
  • Access to Group Mentoring Recordings
  • Downloads & Discoveries (New LLM Content & Trainings)
  • Email support for questions and limiting belief resolved (priceless)
  • Exclusive access to TCP Podcast Training Online Program
    ($999 value - Lifetime Access)
  • 90 Day ETHOS Practice Growth Blueprint ($1999.00 value) -
    A comprehensive 3 month training to grow your practice to
    700 visits/week
  • Daily 4 Wealth Fundamentals for creating positive change on a daily basis
  • Weekly BIG 4 Movers system for moving you towards your ultimate
    90 Day Outcome
  • The Laptop Lifestyle Mentor Program – Creating & mapping online income in 2017 (see below for more details)
  • Exclusive Lifetime Access to LLM Private Facebook Community
    (for assistance and communication)
The Academy + Group coaching
  • Bi-monthly 60 minute Group Mentoring & Training
    (12 sessions)
The academy + One on one coaching
  • Bi-Monthly 30 minute One on One Mentoring
    (12 strategy sessions)
 This is a complete online training. All tutorials are in simple and clear video format and demonstration.

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 Awesome…have been coached for 20 years – and this is the first I’ve seen this type of personal help! You are doing a fabulous job.
Dr. Tressler
The Laptop Lifestyle Mentor Experience

More and more Wellness professionals are coming to the realization that they are the catalyzing agent in their office.

The Laptop Lifestyle Mentoring Experience will guide you to clarity and liberation as we augment your business with the “Laptop Lifestyle”.

Here are just some of the 'goods' (just add WIFI access!).
  •   Identifying your niche
  •   Your marketing personality
  •   Finding your audience + building a following
  •   Mapping
  •   Product – Service – Delivery
  •   Timeline
  •   Funnel & membership
  •   Lead acquisition and Social Media marketing
  •   Webinar development/marketing + Sales.
The Academy + Group coaching
  • Bi-monthly 60 minute Group Mentoring & Training
    (12 sessions)
The academy + One on one coaching
  • Bi-Monthly 30 minute One on One Mentoring
    (12 strategy sessions)
 This is a complete online training.
All tutorials are in simple and clear video format and demonstration.

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 I started writing my programs in 2009. Until now I have not found anyone to help me market them. I have audios and videos and it is very involved. You make it easy, fun and you are an incredible motivator.
Dr. Donna Perillo
Wellness Professional,
If you are not building your Virtual Practice model (right now!)... you could possibly be missing out on the opportunity to serve more people worldwide...and create greater income and prosperity on your life.

Are You ALL IN?

Appreciation and thanks,

Dr. Ed Osburn
The Chiropractic Philanthropist
Laptop Lifestyle Mentor
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